What colour should I go for?

As with choosing a style, staying close to your current colour is advised to begin with. If you are undergoing medical treatment, your skin tone may change and going a shade or two lighter or warmer can help.

It is important to get the colour of synthetic hair wigs right as synthetic hair cannot be dyed – lightened or darkened, where as Human hair wigs can be dyed to darker shades, but never lightened.

We provide online colour charts to guide your choice of wig colour and to advise you of the colour choices available for each style. However colours may vary depending on your monitor and resolution and we recommend that use our colour ring service to ensure that you get the result you expect.

Colour Rings for the ranges we supply are available to buy "New - to keep"


by using our 14 day Colour Ring Loan Service


14 day Colour Ring Loan Service – the best way to choose your colour!

This service gives you access to all the colour swatches (actual fibres) in a particular brand or range

  1. Select a colour ring based on your brand and/or style preference by going to the "hair colour rings" section.
  2. Select a colour ring and choose the "14 day refundable" option.
  3. Add it to your shopping cart by clicking "Buy Now" and pay for it just as you would for a normal purchase.
  4. We will post the ring to you as soon as payment has been received and include a "postage paid" addressed postage label (from within NZ only) for return of the ring in the same box.
  5. Post the colour ring back to us intact within 14 days of receipt and we will email or post a coupon code for the amount you paid for the colour ring. You can use this coupon (valid 12 months) against your next purchase* from Simply Wigs, including other colour rings.
  6. Redeem your coupon when you order online or by calling us on (07) 552 5806.


  • Loan colour rings not returned within 14 days of receipt are viewed as sold and cannot be returned for a credit coupon.
  • Loan colour rings must be returned in the condition they were received. Please return with the completed order/return form in the same box and sealed in the addressed envelope supplied.
  • *If you are eligible for the Government Subsidy The Wigs and Hairpieces service payment then the coupon can be redeemed against all other items we sell, including wigs and hairpieces.

Narrow my search by colour:
To search for wigs available in a particular colour, just enter the colour code into the search bar in the top navigation.